Recommended Xtreme Lashes Products

Purchase these products next time you are at the ItGirl Diva den! These are excellent products to enhance and protect your lashes. You can purchase them online and pick them up as well. We do not ship.

Xtreme Lashes Protective Coating
A tried & true must-have! Increases lash staying power! A true Diva’s new best friend! Protective teflon coating acts as the “insurance policy” for your extensions!

Xtreme Lashes Glide Liner Long Lasting Eye Pencil
$29 each, $55 for two, $67 for three

Plum, Olive, Blue, Expresso, Black, Graphite, & Black Pearl (darkest purple), sharpener included.

Xtreme Lashes Eye Facial Cleanser/Make-up Remover
Travel size $20, Full size $34

Flocked Applicators
$8 each

Xtreme Lashes Eye Serum
$68 each

Xtreme Lashes Wishful Blinking EyeShine
$20 each, $35 for two, $45 for three

Beautiful worn on top of glide liner, or apply directly to extensions, subtle yet shimmery! (available in 4 shades)

Xtreme Lashes Volume or Lengthening Mascara
$28 each


Xtreme Lashes Hydrating Under Eye Gel Pads
$3 each, $5 for 2 pair

Wear these specially formulated cooling pads around the house while getting ready for a night out, or “recover” the morning AFTER a great night out as these pads soothes, tightens & rids the puffy eyes.

Complimentary make-up application & take home brushes upon request at end of any lash service!