Enzyme Peel

Lighten and brighten and glow girl with this “stingly” peel. Stingly is a stingy-tingly feel letting you know the enzymes are indeed eating away at the hyperpigmentation, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Double results applied after dermaplane.


Sherene gently removes with sterilized one time use blade the stratus corneum (that’s dead skin build up) starting at the forehead ending at the chin. Blades are dermaplane pro blades, only the finest! Your skin so smooth and brightened. Sherene also includes take home serum and sunblock to wear to protect your most prized asset, skin. Benefits include:  Allows for product to penetrate deeper and work its magic. * Bye bye trapped dirt and oil lingering in soft hairs * Hellooo smoother and glow-y skin (You Glow girl) * lessens the look of acne scars and fine lines * Make up application is nearly effortless * If wearing a nude face, moisturizer and SPF is all you need *Hyperpigmentation? no problem, Sherene has got you! The purpose of dermaplane is to give your pretty doll face skin glow back responsible for stealing your glow appearance.

Dermaplane and Enzyme Peel is only $75!

Lash Enhancement / Sultry Eyeliner

Fine tune your eyes with sultry lash enhancement or elegant liner. Want a little wing at the corners? Yeah, we do that too. Expect to feel fierce after typical 10 day healing period.

Mole Removal

Optimizing the magic of plasma derma pen, Sherene zeroes in on unsightly textured raised moles on your body.  The process:  consultation to determine if affected area is a candidate for removal, then occlude with strong numbing cream for 15 minutes, then plasma pen’s multiple zapping solders it away for good.  Painless, but not odorless which is why lavender or mint oils offered for olfactory pleasantry.  Aftercare is discussed in consultation and at conclusion of removal.  Approx 4-10 days for healing depending on size of moles.  Cluster of moles or more than one mole to be removed?  Cool!  Discount pricing most definitely available.